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There are many ways to prepare and waterproof a shower for ceramic tile. Traditional methods are time consuming and difficult to do properly. Newer, experimental methods commonly contain material flaws and suffer from a poor track record of successful installations. Failures in showers amount to millions of dollars lost to contractors, homeowners and builders. Water damage leads to mold and mildew issues, which in turn increase warranty costs and heighten the number of unsatisfied homeowners.

The Wedi Fundo Shower Base is the ideal solution to this long-standing problem. The Fundo is a one step waterproofing system that offers a no risk, easy to install alternative to traditional and experimental methods. The Wedi Fundo base, composed of a closed cell extruded polystyrene foam, is 100% waterproof. With its coating of modified cement slurry and fiberglass mesh, the base is also exceptionally strong and rigid.

Used in conjunction with Wedi Building Panels on walls, the Wedi Fundo Shower Base ends multiple installation steps and eliminates the need for materials used in conventional installations-no more pre-sloping base liners, mud beds, waterproofing membranes and the weephole drain. It also eliminates risks related to conventional installations such as base liner cracks, clogged weepholes and mold growth in mud beds. These prefabricated Wedi shower pans help installers reduce installation time of shower bases from 2-3 days to 30 minutes. All Wedi shower substrate installations are tile-ready the same day.

Importantly, the Wedi systems save 80% of the weight that conventional systems add to building structures and offer thermal insulation value behind the tile. The Fundo Shower Base can be easily cut to size or extended using pre-sloped extension panels to make it fit the exact shower size.

For over 25 years, Wedi has produced waterproof materials for ceramic tile installations and today we’re the worldwide market leader for waterproof foam core underlayments. With a commitment to offer system solutions, Wedi uses cutting edge technology and the finest materials available to provide unparalleled quality.

Wedi has developed shower accessories, curbs, riches, benches and seats to be used in conjunction with the Wedi Building Panel and Fundo Shower Base to offer the only complete tile-ready, waterproof shower system on the market.

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