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Many businesses will advertise what they do or what they sell. I think it is equally as important to know who they are.

In the early 1950ís, with a table saw, a handful of tools, and a desire to be independent, my father and his first employee began building custom cabinets in the basement of our home. He believed that quality work and focusing on the needs of the customer were the key ingredients to a successful business. His integrity and hard work proved to be a good combination of ideals. Over the years and four sons later, Harold E. Wilkin, JR & Sons became a reality and his basement cabinet shop gradually expanded to 40,000 sq ft and 45 employees. Located in upstate New York, his business was known to be the largest and most successful, with customers ranging from the major resorts in the Catskill Mountains to the eastern seaboard. Although his large commercial projects brought him recognition, it was the private single-family homeowner that led to his success and personal fulfillment.

My working career began at ten years old sweeping up sawdust in our cabinet shop. Over the years, I worked closely with some of the finest, quality craftsmen in the custom woodworking industry. What I learned was much more than just being a skilled craftsman, it taught me to appreciate what I could accomplish and create. This opportunity laid the foundation for my present career.

In 1978 the family business was sold and we moved to Naples, Florida. Once again, my Dad started a small cabinet shop, but I desired to be independent and wanted to do something different. In 1982, I started Independent Tile Services with the same standards and beliefs that I acquired from my father over the years. Shortly after, my brother Bruce became my partner, and for fifteen years, we had built a reputation for doing outstanding, quality work beyond industry standards.

After nearly twenty years in Florida, we decided it was time for a change so we moved to California.
Our first stop was San Diego, then eventually settling in Sonoma County.
In 2000 Independent Tile Services emerged again (licensed and bonded).



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